Wednesday, 29 June 2011

come on wally!

now don't say i never give you anything. getting into the spirit of english summertime i've made you a 'wimbledon where's wally' or an 'où est charlie de wimbledon' for french followers. the rules are the same; find wally/cherche charlie. if you don't find him in under 5 seconds i would recommend specsavers.

little known fact about me: finding wally happens to be an innate skill of mine that ruined the game for many other children and has not found it's use in my adult life as of yet. that's a lie, it has occasionally been used to impress boys... easily impressed boys... the best kind of boys.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

food baby on board!

london underground give out badges to pregnant women with 'Baby on board!' written on them to draw your attention to the fact that they are pregnant and may want to sit down. now i'm all for pregnancy but i've come up with some alternatives for more trivial reasons people might want to sit down. i too have made full use of the 'exclamation mark of urgency' utilised by tfl.

i'm selling them as badges and/or stickers, get in touch if you're interested.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

air hair lair

it's been a while and for this i am truly sorry. i have moved internationally, back to laaandaaan taaaaaan and i'm in a mode of adjustment. more details to come on other blog. to keep you occupied in the meantime, my favourite ad from the last year. it really captures the zeitgeist. hate me all you want for using the word zeitgeist. i love.

other words beginning with z that i love; zeppelin, zip, zeal and zigzag.