Monday, 5 December 2011

top knot knit

as part of an interview i was recently asked the following question: 'have you ever identified a gap in the market? if so, what is it and how would you fill it?' i did not say "no, the market is an impenetrable, watertight and succinct entity, which needs no future modifications to its already sleek and perfect structure" this was, after all, a question posed by the head of an advertising course. however, had i been the budding entrepreneur i wouldn't be applying to do a masters, i'd be off making my millions so i told them about the top knot knit.

it occurred to me recently with the colder weather setting in and the current style for girls to gather their hair into a bun on the top of their heads that the two do not go well together. it’s hard to find a hat to fit over the varying sizes of buns and is not a strong look even if you do. my solution is the top knot knit; a bobble hat with an adjustable hole where the bobble should be, therefore turning the top knot into the bobble.

this is of course a cunning bit of photoshoppery but i will happily make a real one if anyone's interested...

anyway, the happy ending is that i've been offered a place on the masters; clearly my other answers weren't so shit.