Wednesday, 20 July 2011

thank moo

yesterday i received my 50 printed business cards from who were offering a great promotion where all you pay is the £2.50 postage. bargain. of course they wanted to write their name on them as well as mine.

i currently have a lot of time on my hands for mundane tasks and procrastinating so when my cards arrived i took straight to my cutting mat with my straight edge and scalpel and took the thin band off the bottom of each card (having forseen their game and planned my layout accordingly). i then made a collage with these strips in the shape of their logo, wrote the note "thank moo but i didn't need these bits, yours et cetera, em" and sent it back to them, with a thinner than your average business card of course.

unfortunately the scan looks better than the finished item as the little neil buchanan that lives on my right-hand shoulder told me to douse it in pva glue to cover up the little gluey bits. bugger.

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