Monday, 23 January 2012

what i did learn

i've come to the end of my first week on MA advertising (creative planning) at bucks new university, here are my goals for this year:

  • find a mentor within the industry
  • have great ideas and communicate them in a dynamic book
  • to strengthen my online presence
  • not to squander being a student - i don't just mean with discounts and lack of council tax
  • to challenge the briefs that we are set 
  • make the most of my time off

i'm really looking forward to the workshops that will be running, especially the stand-up comedy - it's always something i've wanted to have a go at. this whole week; from meeting everyone on the first day, to going to a lecture given by tom murphy from BBH, to being suffocated by lynx boy spray at the SU bar, it's all got me really motivated about what lies ahead this year. i can't wait to get into agencies and to start producing work that's innovative and exciting, that i can be proud of.

bruce's top tips:

  • go into the industry through the planning route
  • experiment, take risks and don't be afraid to make mistakes
  • seek feedback: you're entitled to ask for thorough, honest feedback
  • become informed about lots of things, not just advertising
  • have something to say
  • never stop producing
  • don't be boring and don't get too comfortable
  • become invaluable
  • challenge everything, don't take it all at face value
  • get discussions going
  • identify what you do best and don't compromise on it
  • don't hold back on pushing a concept, don't follow convention
  • if you're on a roll, keep going

here is what i have learnt and experienced so far:

  • many people have never seen falling snow - a small-worldy observation, nonetheless true.
  • roland from the library is a delight - in fact everyone i've met at bucks has been friendly and helpful. ♫ maybe it's because i'm a londoner , maybe i spent too long in paris, maybe it's in such stark contrast to my previous uni experience or maybe i'm just a die-hard cynic, whatever it is it came as quite a shock.
  • the backwards commute is not for me, next week i shall be decamping to the sunny heights of high wycombe.
  • there are 24 hours in a day. this first week has been painful but hopefully my body clock will have set itself to 'productive' before too long. thank you caffeine.
  • i'm going to have to up my game in terms of asking people for what i want.
  • i've picked the right course.

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  1. Hey there, great post! So happy things seem to have clicked in Bucks.

    Work hard, play hard! :-)