Sunday, 14 August 2011

an hour in the life of me

i have recently been cooking in a kitchen that is not my own. this of course takes much more brain power than cooking in your own kitchen where it's badaboombadabing, finished! this is not a metaphor. it can often involve minor compromises - they have a plastic spatula, you're used to using a wooden one - that can throw you BUT CONCENTRATE!

hypothetical situation: "i have laid out my ingredients, now where can i find a potato peeler?"

exhibit A

you know it's in there but you won't be able to start the rudimentary preparations for your dinner until you have sorted through the egg slicer, coffee frother, pineapple ringer, potato scrubbing brush, potato scrubbing gloves and not one but two melon ballers of equal size. why? who's that ambidextrous or in that much of a rush that melon-balling becomes a two-man job?

it'd be ocd and quite rude to tidy up a mess that is not your own in a house that is not your own.

"there. isn't that better?! see how i have conveniently arranged and categorized each item using the dewey system. i've even taken the effort of capturing this beautiful moment on film and uploading it to thingsorganizedneatly to share it with the world. aren't you glad you invited me to house-sit?"

this is not a true story but the fact it could be and the time it's taken to think and write about it has led me to evaluate the priorities of my saturday night, blog and life. yay (pity me)!

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