Wednesday, 24 August 2011

mapp app

"mummy mummy, why doesn't your iPhone look as special as the one in the picture?"
"hush your noise small child, that clearly has nothing to do with the content of the idea!"

i sometimes find myself going on a little wander or getting a bit lost on my bike. i eventually find myself back on track thanks to my astounding sense of direction (which went for a cup of tea and a biscuit when i needed it in the first place) but i always think it would be interesting to look back over where i took myself. this led me to an idea for an app.

i think the idea of using the constraints of a map to draw with your movement would make for a massive etch a sketch. what fun! sharing of the shapes you create and routes you take would of course be an important part of the enjoyment of the app. the bigger the journey the more intricate and smooth a shape you would create. it could be used walking, running, in the car, on a bus/bike/train, anywhere you can get GPS signal. you could of course just run around in a massive field for something a little more avant garde. let me know what you think/if it already exists...

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